Some changes…

Just a quick word;

Due to things happening in my personal life, I haven’t had much free time lately (I’m sure you could tell from my lack of posts), and I won’t have much free time later. So I’m going to stop doing individual manga reviews, and switch to full-series reviews. Anime/novel/game reviews will be the same as always. I’m really sorry to those that enjoy my manga volume reviews, and thank you for understanding.

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Sorry for not posting much. To be honest, I just got a pet rabbit! And I’ve been pretty busy with him. I named him Loki, after the Norse god, because he’s quite clever and likes playing tricks. Hopefully now I can get a camera and take a bunch of bunny videos! Sorry this update was just about me, haha. I’ll get back to reviews soon! ≧◡≦

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About me

This blog is all about short reviews for books I’m reading (short as in, only like a paragraph long). The mangas are per volume. And just so you know, the reviews may have spoilers (you have been warned). Not really sure how to use this site, so this will be my “About” for now. I also may post game reviews, but I’m slow, so they’d be rare. I don’t know what else to say, so here’s one last thing: I also have a Twitter @WesnaCute.

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