How my blog works:

I write short reviews for various manga, anime, light novels, novels, and games. And while I say reviews, it’s more of my opinion. Be warned that posts may have spoilers, even if they are vague. I put “***Spoilers ahead***” for potentially spoiler-ish things.

For the typical manga review, I would write a short paragraph about my feelings of the volume. At the end of every post, I put shopping links to buy the volume. These links only include Amazon and Barnes & Noble, though. If there are any other website shopping links you want me to include, please message me.

It’s a little different when I write a review for a novel. I’ll have a paragraph for introduction, then another paragraph with my opinion. At the end of every novel post, I’ll put my likes and dislikes. Those are relatively spoiler-free, so if you are tempted to read it, but are not quite sure, look there. And then, of course, the shopping links.

Just so you know, the things I write in my blog posts are just my opinion. You may not agree with me. Just take things with a grain of salt.

Anyways, that’s Wesna Blog! Happy reading (✿◠‿◠)!


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