Game review: Yomawari: Night Alone

Just a quick review to show that I’m still here, though I really have been too busy to write much (what with school and my new job);;; But I loved this game, and later on I may write a longer article about my theories on the game.

I played this game on my PSTV, which I had just bought. Really neat system, but I couldn’t carry over my save data (which was fine; I wasn’t that far in before). I played this game with another person, because this game really has its frustrating moments (like when you had to run behind the meat monster in the factory) and we would switch off any time the other was getting too impatient. Definitely a good way to play a horror rpg haha; Although all the spirits were spooky looking, I didn’t find this game TOO creepy (Actually, some of the spirits grew on me <3) But maybe that’s just because I like horror (and creepy-cute things)… I liked the art, and the gameplay, and the story (I was kind of surprised by how much story there was). Though the game felt a bit short (but not disappointingly so), and the ending was WAY confusing, I still really love this game and highly recommend it. I was also pleased at how easy it was to 100% the game ^^

If you were to ask me, I would give this game a 9/10


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