Manga review: Cardcaptor Sakura omnibus volume 1

***Spoilers ahead***

I had been interested in Cardcaptor Sakura for a while, but after this CLAMP fan event at a convention I went to, I just had to get this! And ohmigosh can I just mention how HEAVY and POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS a book this size is?? Gosh, I had to rest it on my leg because I couldn’t hold it for long. Not that I mind much since it was really high quality, but still… ow. Anyways, this is really cute! Sakura is an awesome main character. I like her narrative, since she has this cute childish naivety to her. Also, how many Clow cards does she have to collect?? I feel like she got a lot already haha. Also, I really like the color illustrations included!! Neat touch. The last volume ended in a cliffhanger so I can’t wait for more!


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