Manga review: Fruits Basket volume 1

***Spoilers ahead***

Excuse me if I’m a bit biased in my reviews for Fruits Basket, since this was my very first anime and manga (technically) and it means a lot to me. So anyways, I started rereading this since the person I’m reading it with hasn’t read it yet (omg). And wow! The nostalgia!! It felt like I was just feeling emotions instead of reading–if that makes any sense haha. And remember TokyoPop before it went under? I did not realize how different their publishing style was!! It was quite the surprise. I thought I would be bothered by any cliches or the art style or something when rereading it, but I loved it all. Especially the prose. The writing is beautiful in my opinion. By reading this, I fell in love with Fruits Basket all over again ♥.


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