Manga review: Twin Star Exorcists volume 5

***Spoilers ahead***

I have so many questions right off the bat! What was the form that Rokuro used at the end of the battle with Yuto? Who was it that “connected” to him? I really liked the long past scene in the middle of this volume. I cannot repeat enough how much I like past scenes because it shows more character (there were a lot of confusing parts in the past scene that I hope we’ll get answers to). Also, I think it’s pretty cool that Mayura decided to become an exorcist. I can’t wait to see how her training will pay out. And wow! Time skip! Rokuro and Benio look so much stronger now! What’s going to happen now that they’re sixteen and (probably) about to head to Tsuchimikado Island? I can’t wait to find out!


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