Manga review: Twin Star Exorcists volume 3

***Spoilers ahead***

The truth about the Hinatsuki Tragedy was revealed in this volume. Lots of misunderstandings were cleared too. It was also nice to see more of what the Twin Stars could do, like the Furu no Koto. And I was glad they could save Mayura. And now, they’re going to face Yuto! What’s going to happen to the Twin Stars? I… already know. And unfortunately I already wrote a review for volume 4 of Twin Star Exorcists. You can read it… somewhere on my blog. Or don’t. Yeah, please don’t read it; I’m not too proud of it. So, I’ll be skipping to volume 5 for my next review. (Also, I didn’t notice this until I bought the volumes myself and compared them, but the spines of the volumes alternate between black and white. Pretty cool touch.)


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