Manga review: Twin Star Exorcists volume 2

***Spoilers ahead***

Rokuro and Benio moved in together in this volume! XD Also, there was something that I only noticed rereading Twin Star Exorcists; Rokuro has a lot of clocks in his room. I think there was around twelve…? After I noticed it once, I kept noticing it, and now it really bothers me! Still, that wasn’t the main point of this volume. Quite a bit of mystery behind Benio was cleared up, and it was hinted at for Rokuro. This volume ends with a cliffhanger, right when misunderstandings were high and the truth about the Hinatsuki Tragedy was about to be spilled. I already read this all, but it’s still so exciting reading it. I know what happens next, but I still can’t help wanting to read the next volume!


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