Manga review: Twin Star Exorcists volume 1

So, someone made the mistake of leaving me in a bookstore for a few hours and I blew all my money buying all the Twin Star Exorcists and Not Lives volumes currently available. So now I’m rereading Twin Star Exorcists (which also helps to get the awful anime out of my head), and I can go back and write a review for volume one for once!

***Spoilers ahead***

There’s a lot of mystery in the first volume. Both of Benio and Rokuro’s pasts and the latter’s strange power. Also, it’s kind of funny how many episodes it took for the anime to just get through this volume… ugh, no, I’m comparing this to the anime. I need to stop. Also, I really want to mention: I love this art style and I love the fact that this mangaka seems to draw really good perspective drawings. They are simply beautiful. I also liked the bonus story at the end of the volume. I mentioned it before, but I really like past scenes because they show more feelings behind the character. Of course, the bonus story was set only a few days prior to chapter one, but I still think it counts. Anyways, I’ll have the review for the next volume up… eventually.


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