I had just woken up from the dream; this was reality

***WARNING: Sad in real life stuff***

My pet rabbit Loki died on the morning of the fourth of July. He most likely died of stress from all the fireworks going off. You can imagine my pain of having to listen to that all day. Loki meant the world to me. He was one of my only joys in life. And for me to wake up only to see his dead body was the most heart-breaking earth-shattering thing I’ve ever been through. It hurt so much. It still hurts so much. I have a hard time doing even simple tasks. This is all just so unfair that I keep waiting to wake up from this horrible nightmare. But he’s gone. I hope I gave him a happy life. And I hope he’s happy where his is. People keep saying it’s going to be okay, and maybe it will, but not now. Not for a while. So I’m taking a break from this blog. I’m taking a break from everything until I learn to live without Loki. Please understand. I love him. And I miss him.

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