Anime review: Kiznaiver

I really liked this anime! The concept was cool! I picked this up mid-season, and I’m really glad I did. I hear a lot of people not liking it so much, but it moved me :)) Honestly though, I wouldn’t have minded more day-to-day happenings between the group, but I guess they only had 12 episodes so… The ending was a bit open-ended but I didn’t really mind. I was satisfied. Anyways, I recommend this anime! It’s good. And apparently I just cannot spell “Kiznaiver” haha lol.


Anime review: Sousei no Onmyouji

Don’t get me wrong, the Twin Star Exorcists manga is REALLY good. One of my favorites in fact. But this adaptation is just… terrible. Because it was filled to the brim with filler. Even the actually story is filled with filler. So much so that I started nicknaming this anime “Sousei no Filler”. Now, I don’t usually mind filler, as long as it builds character or setting and whatnot. But all this filler seemed to be doing was dragging the anime on and to promote their useless mascot character (the only thing Kinako did was yell at Rokuro and hold up some lady while Benio yuried it up with Mayura) for extra money or something. I dropped it around episode 9 or 10 because it caught up with where I was at in the manga (although that’s hard to tell since it’s not in chronological order) This anime could have been a good 12-episode. But instead it’s going to be 50-episode and so far it’s bad. It might be good if you just watch the anime but for a devoted manga fan like me, I am outraged. Thus, they have lost a viewer.