Manga review: Noragami volume 13

***Spoilers ahead***

I would just like to say; it hasn’t even been a month since I read the last Noragami manga, so kudos to Kodansha for translating these so quickly. I don’t even see any typos, like you would expect from so quick of translations, so this makes me happy. Anyways, this volume was good. I hope the Iki family will be able to rebuild both the hospital and their reputation… And the second season of the anime was announced in this volume! I remember watching it a few seasons ago… Guess we’re catching up, huh? Haha. Well, I can’t wait for more! (And if Kodansha keeps up it’s speed, I don’t think I’ll be waiting long :D)

(Just found out that they next volume is releasing in a few days… wow!)

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