Manga review: Tegami Bachi volume 15

***Spoilers ahead***

I really love the author’s note at the beginning of the volume. I want to save all of them. Anyways… So… Lag’s many people. Darn. And Roda…! Hopefully their new team can make the world right. They have to get all the people who were born on the day of the flicker, right? Well, they already have Lag, and Sylvette, and… Well, I guess they don’t have anyone else. So I’m guessing they’re going to start looking next volume? I can’t wait! This volume was really good by the way!


I have no money, so I have to be cheap and use the library. But if you have money, you should support the author and/or translator. Here’s some shopping links for this volume:

Amazon link

Barnes & Noble link


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