Game review: Nights of Azure


Nights of Azure is a JRPG by Gust and Koei Tecmo. All I’ve ever seen from Gust was alchemy-oriented gameplay (Atelier series) or story-oriented gameplay (Ar Nosurge), so it was interesting to see battle-oriented gameplay in this game. I wasn’t actually playing the game, only watching it, so I can’t really comment about the gameplay, but I can comment about the story and such.

***Spoilers ahead***

Honestly, going into this, I was expecting it to be depressing all the time. But it’s actually a game filled with hope, especially with Arnice being the main character, who is dead-set on keeping her best friend safe. It wasn’t like Fragile Dreams which constantly had me crying, but sometimes I wished it was. Because I didn’t really feel that “oh, this is the final battle, it’s all on the line now” feeling. Especially since this story was short. And I was left disappointed because none of my questions were answered in the end. Especially the underlying question, “is this Yuri?” (You also had to skip a lot of text in the true ending) And it made me sad, because I was really invested in the plot, but then I’m left feeling like it was an incomplete game. And I heard a lot of other people thought the same. Though, it wasn’t all that bad. The soundtrack was amazing (because it’s Gust) and the art was beautiful. The gameplay looked intuitive, though after max level it seemed like you have no way to get stronger. I still haven’t figured out how to get the third Alraune-esque Serven. And the back stories were really good. Still, I liked it, even though it could have been so much better.


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