Manga review: Twin Star Exorcists volume 4

***Spoilers ahead***

This was a good volume! I can’t wait to see more! Though this volume felt short because *most of it was a battle scene*. The side story was cute. And the anime!! The anime just started airing! Seems a bit different from the manga, but we’ll see where it goes. (Edit: It’s bad.) Twin Star Exorcists feels really special to me because I personally requested that the library got it. You could imagine my excitement when I first held the book in my hands. And now I just read volume four! Things are getting serious now! I really can’t wait for more! Of both the anime and the manga!


I have no money, so I have to be cheap and use the library. But if you have money, you should support the author and/or translator. Here’s some shopping links for this volume:

Amazon link

Barnes & Noble link


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