Novel review: A Study in Charlotte


A Study in Charlotte in the first in its trilogy and the only one out so far. It’s a mystery novel, where the two main characters are descendants of John Watson and Sherlock Holmes. Below are spoilers (although vague), so if you’re looking to see if this book is worth it, check out my likes and dislikes, which is relatively spoiler-free.

***Spoilers ahead***

I usually don’t read mysteries, so I don’t know what possessed me to pick it up, but I’m glad I did. It wasn’t what I expected it to be; it was better. Jamie and Charlotte were like a modern Watson and Holmes except with (like Jamie said at the end) electricity, refrigerators, and Mario Kart. Haha. The writing was serious, or downright hilarious all at the right times. The plot was very interesting, but I couldn’t follow it at times (although I’m not the smartest of people). I liked how the epilogue was in Charlotte’s point of view. And the ending! B-bmp, b-bmp! I really enjoyed this whole book. And I can’t wait for more.


Likes: Intriguing plot, amazing characters, great prose

Dislikes: Long chapters (it took me three hours to finish chapter seven), plot’s kind of hard to follow sometimes


I have no money, so I have to be cheap and use the library. But if you have money, you should support the author and/or translator. Here’s some shopping links for this novel:

Amazon link

Barnes & Noble link


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