Manga review: Haganai volume 6

***Spoilers ahead***

I really enjoyed this volume of Haganai. I liked when they ‘yelled’ “the beach!”. I could so relate. ヽ(〃^▽^〃)ノ I couldn’t stop laughing when Kodaka went crazy over Takoyaki. And at the end of the volume, Kodaka found out that Yozora was his childhood friend Sora. Too bad I already knew that before I even started reading Haganai. (◕︵◕) Still, it was a good volume and nicely done as always. As to why Yozora cut her hair and revealed all, maybe I’ll find out next volume. I can’t wait!


I have no money, so I have to be cheap and use the library. But if you have money, you should support the author and/or translator. Here’s some shopping links for this volume:

Amazon link

Barnes & Noble link


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